DIY Confetti Filled Frame Tutorial

Today, we're turning back the clock to re-visit a super fun tutorial we did back in 2013 with DIY extraordinaire Geneva Vanderzeil of A Pair and a Spare.  

A couple of years back we released a series of silk-screen prints that we encased in neon frames and filled with confetti!  This is our DIY version of those framed prints.

You will need:

  • A frame – pick the size and colour of your choice.  We’re using a simple white wooden frame with glass.  Make sure you choose a frame that has some depth so the confetti has space to move around.
  • Guillotine or simply a sharp pair of scissors
  • Several different colours of tissue paper.  Using a metallic colour will give your confetti a bit of interest.  We’ve used silver.

How to make:

1. The first step is to create the confetti. You can make any confetti shape your heart desires.  We’ve used angular shapes as they’re fast and super easy to make.  You don’t need to be too fussy.  Different sizes are fine.  If you have a guillotine, use it to cut through several layers of tissue.  If not, just start cutting angular shapes from your tissue paper.  Try to keep the size of the confetti proportionate to the size of the frame.  So, if you’re using a tiny frame, make sure the confetti size is small as well. 

2. After you’ve finished, have a quick look through your confetti to make sure you haven’t missed any big bits.

Whoops!  Getting a little distracted with making pretty things!!:

3.  It’s always lovely to personalise your frame with something.  We’re using one of our screen printed hearts.  Stick your image down firmly onto the backing provided with the frame. You can use glue but double sided tape is better.

4.  Place your confetti into the open side of the frame (glass down).

5. Secure the back piece (that will have your image on it) onto it.

6. Once the frame is securely closed, give it a good shake and you’re done!


Tutorial by Helen Bayley

Photographs by Elouise van Riet-Gray


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