WATCH: How to style your Lovestar vase for under $30

By Helen Bayley

Meet Eliza Rogers of Primula Floral Styling.  This extraordinarily talented floral designer has styled many a Lovestar vase for us in the past.

So it was without hesitation that we went straight to her with our first big styling challenge - how to style your Lovestar vase for under $30.

As someone who loves to have fresh flowers in the house ALL THE TIME, it can become quite an expensive weekly exercise to maintain.  Eliza shows us her tips and tricks on how to really impress and beautifully style your Lovestar vase on a budget.  The end result is nothing less than spectacular. 

Pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine, sit down, and watch the full tutorial here:


Some snaps taken during the shoot:


*2 absolute must haves to style your Lovestar vase - some trusty string and a good set of secateurs.

*Beautiful foraged florals

*I love this photo!!  Eliza prepping everything for the shoot

*fresh mint used in the arrangement.  A cheap option that gives your arrangement an amazingly fresh aroma

*the end result.  Up on the wall at Lovestar HQ and looking oh so pretty

Catch more of Eliza and her floral adventures on her instagram @primulafloralstyling and at

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